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True Blue Psychotherapy

A bit about my Offering

I specialize in working with individuals, couples, and families going through major life changes, such as birth and death, and confronting challenges related to anxiety, trauma, grief, and addiction of all kinds.  In addition to extensive training in gestalt, somatic, and contemplative psychotherapy, I bring a background in holistic reproductive health and body literacy.  The focus of my continuing doctorate research lies at the intersection of ecofeminism, embodied spirituality, and the experience and implications of bringing mindfulness to our emotional and hormonal cycles.  I hold my work with a focus on communication, awareness, and self responsibility, with a deep belief in our natural and inherent inclinations for balance and healing.   Above all, my desire is to support and share with my clients a journey of personal transformation and growth.  

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Services I Offer

Individual Therapy

The journey of personal growth is often catalyzed when we find ourselves facing hardships.  Symptoms of anxiety or depression might signal a need to look within.  Perhaps the ways you have learned to cope with the pain or traumas of life are no longer serving you.  Therapy can support you in gaining deeper understanding about your personal challenges and learning new ways of coping with and solving them.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be a crucible for transformation and growth.  They can also be very painful as we come into contact with our deep vulnerability.  Couples therapy supports development of communication skills and offers a safe space to explore the difficult material that arises with intimate relationship.  

Family Therapy

Working with the whole family system can be an incredibly powerful way to foster change and growth for all members involved.  By attending to the specific challenges of each unique family, I facilitate a process wherein all voices may be heard and the multiple relationship dynamics can be understood.  Together we will explore whatever  is inhibiting a sense of family connection and harmony.    

Grief & Trauma Therapy

I specialize in working with both complex grief and trauma, by attending to the way both are held in the body.  Developing mindful awareness and understanding of the ways you have managed to cope with trauma and loss, I support a process whereby you may learn to free yourself of rigid patterns and become available to more flexible, open, and resourced states of being.  

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